The Truth About The Industry

The FDA's regulations vary between the U.S. and Europe. In Europe, there are over 1300 ingredients banned from beauty products while the U.S. has only banned about 11.

These regulations make it easy for companies to use terms such as 
"natural," "hypoallergenic," "non-toxic," and "organic," while still using harmful synthetic ingredients. Most of which are hidden behind the term "Fragrance." Because of this, consumers are starting to lose trust in the beauty industry, and they are pushing for safer regulations. We stand behind this movement all the way.


What Does "Natural" Mean?

The word "Natural" within the beauty industry isn't actually clearly defined. It defines a product as having at least one ingredient that comes from nature... not great standards.

To us, "Natural" means something so much more; a non-toxic product that offers the cleanest ingredients only found within nature (botanicals). There's no hidden chemicals within our fragrances, no dyes, parabens, phthalates, sulfates or other harmful ingredients, and they are never tested on animals.

We want to redefine "Natural" and set a standard within this industry as a trusted word that can represent the cleanest possible option for your health.

What are parabens, phthalates and sulfates?

Preservatives that are known to cause hormone disruption.
Pronounced like "Thalates," these chemicals are used to make products more adaptable and last longer. They also disrupt the reproductive and endocrine systems.
Cleansers that are irritating to skin.

Why We Are Not Hypoallergenic

Being 100% natural means there is a very small possibility that an allergic reaction could occur. Other companies that are considered hypoallergenic use synthetic ingredients to replace the natural essential oils. This prevents most allergic reactions, but the synthetic components pose other health risks.

Keep in mind that all perfume contains an alcohol blend, and most of them are made of about 80-90% alcohol. So a claim can easily be made that the product is "90% natural," simply because of using a natural alcohol solution. Now, some synthetics are safer than others, but many are still questionable and contain potentially toxic chemicals and hormone disruptors. Though there is a risk of allergies, we prefer our ingredients to be free of synthetics to prevent the risk of other issues.

Why SCNT Stands Out

100% Botanical Based
Since we do not use the harmful, toxic ingredients listed above, there is no risk of hormone disruption.
Our Packaging
We use recyclable materials for all of our packaging to help keep the Earth happy. Please make sure to recycle all materials once finished.
Look + Smell
Each crop of botanical ingredients can vary. This can alter the color and smell slightly between one round of fragrance versus another. If you notice one of your bottles has a minor color change, it is most likely a new crop!
Animal Safety
Like we said, keeping the Earth happy and healthy is important to us, and this includes all of our furry friends. Our fragrances are all Vegan/Cruelty-Free, meaning we never test our products on animals or use products/byproducts from them.
Parfum vs Toilette?
Have you ever wondered what the difference is? Toilette is the term used for a fragrance that has a concentration of 5%-15%. These scents tend to last a couple of hours and are designed to be reapplied throughout the day. This also means that companies are getting away with charging more per spray. Parfum, on the other hand, has a concentration of 15%-20%, allowing the perfume to last a full day and then some. Natural perfumes typically don't last as long as synthetics. However, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised with our fragrances and how long their scents linger.
Botanical ingredients are expensive; about 5 times more expensive than synthetics, actually. This is why we suggest that you do your research and consider what you are actually paying for. Are you paying for the fragrance itself, or the bottle? Many companies will spend cents on the perfume, while putting the rest of the money into marketing and luxurious bottles. We do it the other way around. Don't get us wrong, we find our bottles to be both beautiful and sturdy, but what really matters to us is what's on the inside.