Spend $150+ for additional savings!
Spend $150+ for additional savings!

Embracing Nature

SCNT is on a mission to change the beauty industry. Each scent is unique in structure using Earth's natural resources; but always environmental friendly. We pride ourselves on the importance of cleaner products for all.

How We Compare

SCNT Other Companies
Free of:
Phthalates, Parabens, Sulfates, Dyes + Gluten
Yes Not Always
Free of:
Synthetic Ingredients
Always Almost NEVER. Sometimes they even claim "all natural" while still using synthetics!
Cruelty Free + Vegan Always Not Always
Eco-Friendly Yes Not Always
Made in the US Yes Not Always

Questions about what some of these mean? Check out our

SCNT School Starter Lesson

Ingredients and Allergens

Ingredients: Organic Alcohol Denat., Proprietary Blend of Botanical Aromatics, Water (aqua).

With all natural ingredients, allergies happen. Though it is very unlikely, there is a potential risk of having a reaction. We recommend testing your wrist the first time using our product. All allergens are listed under each products page. For a full ingredient list please visit our Ingredients page.