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Essential oils have been used for over 5000 years for their healing properties and benefits. Many companies now incorporate them into their products to help promote a healthy lifestyle, develop natural remedies, and to create a pleasant scent naturally. 

We use essential oils to create beautiful fragrances in a truly natural way. If you're interested in the how aspect, you can check out our lesson Plants To Perfume: How It's Made to learn how we take nature and turn it into beauty products people wear every day. 

So, why do essential oils make the best perfume? Well, essential oils have some pretty impressive benefits when inhaled or put on to your skin. Below are just some benefits based on the type of ingredient used. 


Clary Sage: calming to skin, antidepressant, reduces anxiety

Clove Bud: helps headaches, lowers stress, improves asthma

Coconut: energizing, uplifting 

Coriander: relaxing

Eucalyptus: relaxing

Geranium: improves hormone balance, relieves stress, lowers depression, helps inflammation

Grapefruit: uplifting

Lavender: relaxing, alleviates headaches

Lemon: relieves nausea, boosts energy levels

Lime: supports the immune system, antidepressant

Orange: supports the immune system, helps anxiety

Patchouli: creates a grounded and balanced atmosphere

Peppermint: relieves IBS symptoms (when inhaled), relieves headaches

Rose: reduces anxiety

Vanilla: boosts libido, antidepressant

Vetiver: boosts mood, calms nerves

Ylang Ylang: relaxing, self-esteem booster


There are so many more essential oils out there so this certainly doesn't cover them all, but each have their own helpful properties.

We typically use a blend of 10 or more to create each unique fragrance, allowing you to receive multiple benefits while smelling amazing. Find your scent here or let us know what scent you want to see next!

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