Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Not sure what to get your Valentine? Here are some of our top picks.


SCNT Fragrances

Perfect for any ladies in your life. 

Bloom: Our most popular scent. This is very feminine, light, and floral. Perfect for ladies that like getting pampered, surprised with flowers, and are very sweet. 

Pure: Floral and elegant. Great for all-day or a night out. For women that enjoy romance, and feeling sexy. 

Allure: Warm and citrusy. Perfect for night's out. Made for vibrant women that like to keep things spicy. 

Tiki: Fruity and tropical. You'll swear you're on vacation when you smell this. Perfect for those that love being the life of the party, but know how to kick back and relax. 


Aroma Couture Jewelry

Men's and women's diffuser jewelry. Great for those that wear necklaces or bracelets but like to enjoy the benefits of essential oils.



Sleek and sexy watches, jewelry, and glasses for men and women.


Cocoa Bar 

For all of the chocolate lovers 🍫 These chocolate spreads won't make you add on extra pounds after Valentine's Day. They are made with awesome ingredients and can fit into anyone's diet.

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