Shopping On A Budget

We, like many of you, love getting a deal. Many stores have savings options as long as you know how to look for them. Here are our secret tips on how you can save money at our store and others.


Get More Out of Your Money 

  • Buy parfum over toilette fragrances: parfum is more concentrated meaning it will last longer preventing extra sprays throughout the day
  • High-quality products: some name brand products may be cheaper but that's because most toxic perfumes only cost cents to make. What you're really purchasing is the bottle or the name on it. Find brands with high-quality, clean ingredients (the bottle usually costs the same or less, but the ingredients are about 5x more expensive than toxic chemicals), meaning you are paying for the product itself, not the packaging. 


  • Sales: obviously, but they are not always available. Though you can wait for them to happen, you may run out of product before the next one comes along. 
  • Sign-ups: most places offer a discount on your first order when you sign-up for their email list or texting service. With joining an exclusive list, there tend to be incentives. When you sign up via email or text with us, you get 10% off your first order, exclusive discounts for text subscribers, and you're the first to know about discounts, new products, and sales.
  • Affiliates/Influencers: following a brand on social media helps link you to influencers that relate to the brand. Once in a while, those influencers will share their specific discount code to help save you money.
  • Subscriptions: when you sign up for a recurring order (subscription) you usually get a discount. We offer a subscription for our full bottles where you can choose to have it sent every week or every 3 months (wide range of options). You also have the option to change the frequency, skip an order, change the scent, or add to it! 

"Bulk" Order

  • Share the cost with your friends or family: some places offer a discounted price if you order a larger amount. We offer our Duo for $10 off, split it with a friend so you each get a bottle with some savings. 
  • Free shipping when you spend over a certain price: we offer free US shipping. If you are outside the US, we do offer free shipping on orders over $160.


Many businesses offer these savings if you look for it. Think about how much you could be saving when you try these tips on all of your purchases!

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