Beauty In Balance Challenge


I know it is hard right now… I mean, our world just got turned upside down! We are now on lockdown until the end of April. But if there is one thing I have learned, it is this: During times of uncertainty and stress, I function MUCH better when I have structure, a plan, and something to look forward to!

That is why I have created a little challenge for the month of April. I am calling it the #beautyinbalance challenge because I firmly believe that achieving balance in all areas of life will keep us healthy and thriving!

This challenge is DOABLE. It is SUSTAINABLE! And it comes with prizes!

Every day, from April 1-April 30th , I want you to do the following:

-have a skincare routine each morning and evening
-get in 30 minutes of movement
-eat two meals a day that are nutrient-dense (so think: vegetables and fruit)
-spend 15 minutes on self-improvement (put on a podcast, sit in silence, stretch, learn, journal)
-text or call someone you love (friends, family, anyone you care about!)

Every night, post my challenge template on your Instagram story and put an emoji over that calendar day once you complete everything! And don’t forget to tag me at @ashnordman and/or @scnt.naturals!

Every week, I will pick 1-2 winners who will receive a prize! Prizes include self-care items that you can enjoy at home such as:

-professional skin care products
-all-natural perfume
-specialty hair products
-lash boosting serum
-health supplements
And more!

I will post on my story every day to share simple nutrient-dense meals that I am consuming, to help give you healthy ideas for yourself to try! I will also share my workouts, which I will be taking from my Lean Body Training Guide that I am attaching for you here - FREE of charge! From time to time, I will also share skincare tips so you can improve your skincare routine, too!

ALL you have to do is participate to win! If you enter after the challenge has started, that is okay, as I pick winners who complete each week! This is TOTALLY based on the honor system, but you are only cheating yourself if you lie about what you do and don’t accomplish that day.

At SCNT, we believe that balance is beautiful. Take care of yourself, but also give yourself time to relax each day. Work hard, but make time for those that you love. Set goals, but don’t become obsessed. This challenge is a sustainable MOVEMENT and we hope that you continue on with these healthy habits even past the 30 days! Stay safe, and stay healthy!


Lean Body Training Guide



Valora said:

We go this!!!🙌🏻

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