Are You Wearing Perfume Wrong?

You just spray it and go, right? 

Well, sure, but there are a few things you should know to make it last and to hit those pulse points for those close interactions 😉


Rubbing Wrists            

WAIT!!! Stop what you're doing, and keep your hands where we can see 'em. Rubbing your wrists together actually hurts the nature of your perfume. Let us explain. 

When perfume is sprayed it is automatically getting agitated creating a natural rhythm for the compounds to work their magic. You will first smell your Top Notes, followed by your Middle, then Base. BUT, if you start rubbing your wrists together, you will actually cause those top notes to disappear. Right there you lost about 30 minutes of wear for your perfume. The friction you're creating is heating up your skin and causing the fragrance to degrade much more quickly. Though many think that you're "rubbing it in" you're actually rubbing it away.  

So next time you want to seal it in make sure you...



Please, especially in the winter, MOISTURIZE. Perfume does not last as long on dry skin, and actually adheres more to oils from the skin or found in lotion. To make your perfume last, use lotion right out of the shower, then spray your perfume. It might seem silly to spray it right away, but the sooner you combine those oils the better chance you will have of keeping that scent around. 

Tip: use an unscented lotion to prevent any blending of fragrances


Hit Your Pulse Points

Do you know all of the best spots to spray your perfume? Wrists, Neck, Chest, Inner Elbow, + Back Of Knees. These are your pulse points or the areas of your body that are warm due to circulation close to the skin. The warmth from your body keeps your perfume radiating throughout the day!

Pick 1-3 spots to spray your perfume, you don't want to overdo it. Speaking of which...


Don't Become Nose Blind 

Yes, this can happen! And if you don't know what that is, maybe you should check out Oceans 11 with Matt Damon. It basically means, that you get so acclimated to a smell that your olfactory senses no longer pick it up, even if it's still there. So even if you think "my perfume wore off!" it may just be that you can no longer smell it. This happens to Nicole (our COO), especially when she is packing SCNT orders. 

So how do you know if this happened, simply ask a friend, a family member, or a close co-worker. If they can smell your perfume you're good and unfortunately suffer from nose blindness. If they don't notice it, just add a quick spritz and go on with your day! 

Tip: Eau de Parfums have a higher fragrance concentration than Eau de Toilettes. This allows them to last longer and offer a stronger fragrance.


Stay In The Bedroom + Out Of The Sun 


Humidity, dampness, and direct sunlight can cause perfume to breakdown and weaken. To help prevent this, keep your perfume out of the bathroom and not in direct sunlight. You can keep it on your dresser, in your purse, or on a vanity. 


So, have you been wearing your perfume wrong? 


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